Recycling Electronics by Newtech E-Scrap Recycling Inc Efficient and FREE pick upservice


We offer special services and include FREE pick up for customers within a 175 mile radius from downtown Chicago.

  • Computer Equipment

    CPUs, towers, laptops, mainframe computers, hard drives, computer peripherals, servers, routers, keyboards, mice, monitors, power supplies, cables, computer components, modems, printed circuit boards.

  • Medical equipment

    Ultrasounds, diagnostic imaging equipment, x-ray equipment, blood pressure equipment, endoscopy equipment, dialysis equipment

  • Security Electronic Devices

    Cameras, DVRs, tape recorders, CCTV monitors, alarm panels, alarm sensors, controllers

  • Industrial Equipment

    Electronic controllers, power supplies, robotic assemblies, motors, test equipment, transformers, switches, transmitters, meters

  • Office Equipment

    Printers, fax machines, overhead projectors, copiers, scanners, electronic typewriters, transparency makers

  • Personal Electronics

    CD players, DVD players, camcorders, radios, stereo equipment, tape players, VCRs, iPods and MP3 players, remote controls, hair dryers, straighteners